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I’m probably the last person to ever go to Thailand. My friends were so surprised to find out I had never been! And then when I said I was ONLY going to Pattaya, they proper judged me. But yes, I went to Pattaya, Thailand – it was the best trip I’ve ever been on. And I cannot wait to go again and explore other places. The trip was full of amazing food, amazing adventure and amazing people that left me with the best of memories.

The trip was the highlight, however, that mood you’re in before a trip! When you’re anxiously waiting for the day you leave, to just arrive! But you’re also okay with it just not getting there because you know, when you’re there, time is just going to fly! And the shopping. If you’re a girl … or a guy (not going to judge), don’t you feel great when you have cute little outfits for your trip? Thailand was a great destination as it allowed me to unleash my inner girl.


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ATVing was definitely my peak of the trip. And the two guides (1 in the front and 1 at the back) were super nice and even took pictures AND videos of us as a group and individually. What more could I ask for? But in all seriousness, it made for some pretty great Instagram pictures.

Chang Thai Thappraya Safari

We got to go on the ATVs at this elephant sanctuary (Chang Thai Thappraya Safari), but I just did not want to ride those elephants. They weren’t being mistreated, however, that just wasn’t the kind of habitat meant for a supposed wild animal. It was still beautiful to see the elephants and the gorgeous scenery that came with it.

We also went canoeing! There were these giant black fish in the water but apart from that, it was such a soothing experience!

And the food. If anyone knows me, they’ll know that my absolute favorite cuisine, is Thai food. And the places I’ve eaten at, in London and in Dubai are so good! But the food in Thailand was just so much better!  With the fragrant lemongrass and spices seeping through every bite of food I had! Such a perfect balance of flavors.

The first picture must be squid or octopus. Either ways,  I did not try but it looked really exotic so I thought I’d take a picture! The Tom Yum soup with the coconut base was really good and it’s nicer if you like something heavier.

Then there’s the passion fruit ice-cream, which made the humidity much easier to deal with! That and also the beer…

You can’t ever beat fresh coconut that was cut up right in front of you! That and the Thai Iced Tea. Because it has milk, it’s so much heavier than a regular iced tea so don’t make the mistake I made and get a small or a medium. I felt so sick after that but it was worth it!

The lobster we demolished, was at a restaurant called Tankay Restaurant. Great restaurant with Great dishes like: Pineapple Rice, Tom Yum flavored fried rice, egg fried rice, the most spicy mango salad I’ve ever had and the nicest Papaya Salad I’ve ever had. And lets not forget the like 4 types of curry’s on the table! The awesome view of the river just tied the whole experience together!

There are TONS of stores in the airport that sold snacks so I had to buy it all! I was in heaven.  Tom Yum and every type of Curry (Thailand has to offer) flavored crackers and of course I had to buy Seaweed too! I also picked up some Passion Fruit sweets and Lemongrass tea, which is great for when you get sick.

The last picture was the fruits I saw literally everywhere! Raw mango and the Guava were my fav! They sold that to you with a side of chili powder and sugar. It’s honestly the best thing ever and something you have to try!

One of our days, consisted of just going to the Floating Market (pictures above). It was a great experience but definitely something I would do just once. The creepy doll thing I took a picture next to, was actually a man dressed in costume. After he literally called me to him, to take a picture. He then yelled at me to tip him as I walked away!

“I didn’t even want the stupid picture” is what I thought but yeah he did not care.


During the evening, we would usually go to Walking Street. A street full of tourists and locals, great music, tons of food and women trying to lure you in into “strip joints”?

Overall, a great trip that I’d definitely go on again.

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