My First Failed Collab?

cheap neurontin 300 mg shipped overnight I’ve always loved the idea of collaborations and…I was always good at it. Whether it was sitting back and letting my group do all the work or investing myself so much into a project that I couldn’t sleep at night.

  go “If you’re interested, you’ll work hard at it”


That saying could not be more true. I mean if I was interested in the project, I would implement so much time into the project. Whether it was brainstorming ideas, thinking of ways to modify, to make it better or creating Just ideas for graphics because God I cannot draw to save my life. Either way, I love the idea of working with someone, sharing thoughts and that moment when an idea is born over common ground! That moment when enthusiasm fills the room and you get a twinkle in your eye because everything is finally going smoothly.

If only that was true about my first collab or should I say first Almost collab.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.24.53 AM

Saying all that, I never pushed myself…until a friend who used to go to school with me, started uploading these little snippets of him playing guitar on Instagram. I immediately fell in love with the way he used to play guitar. It was so beautiful to say the least and he was kind of cute to. So I asked him if he wanted to collab and to my good luck, he said yes. But it didn’t work out and we never even met. See now this is what they do not teach you in school. The act and acceptance of refusal. In school, all they say is “In the real world, you won’t have a choice of who you work with, so you just gotta make it work”. Well, I’ve learnt that you absolutely can say no to working with someone or sometimes it just doesn’t work out, so you’re forced to abandon the project.

Disappointed with the whole situation, I had to come to terms with it. Not everyone is going to say yes to you and you just have to be okay with people saying no to you or your ideas. It all depends on circumstances.

Few months later, another opportunity posed itself and I was super hesitant but I pushed myself and contacted another friend from school and just like the first time, she said yes very easily. And it just flowed from there and didn’t stop that time.


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