My First Insta Risk

Blogging is my way of being 100% honest, with myself and my readers.

I will not introduce a situation if I foresee myself modifying it half way through. Blogging is also, very personal to me and that’s why I like to be honest and tell the story exactly how it is!  That is how the concept of “My First Times” was developed.


The concept of “My First Times” was probably the 10th idea I came up with and it was THE idea I absolutely loved at first thought. I was so in love with it until I started writing about it and I realized it just did not give me the freedom I expected from having my own blog.

There are buy modafinil online uk cheap 2 things I’ve realized from having my own blog and Instagram account:

  1. modafinil buy uk boots Every move is seen: your every move is seen and documented by your public, which is great when the public is shouting ” YAAAAS! ” in your comments section … but not so much when your ” mistakes ” are pointed out at, for instance: someone actually commented once saying ” I’m confused are u in London or Dubai? “. Because on Instagram, I always put the location of where the picture is taken, geographically. So that was just fun to read and even more fun to reply in a direct message explaining to him the situation of me posting pictures I took when I was back home and in which he didn’t even reply back to after my ever so long explanation. Like he was over it.
  2. http://westernappliancerepairboise.com/appliance-brands/kenmore-repair/ Public pressure: this leads me to my next point, public pressure. The pressure to constantly please but also the pressure to carry out actions in order to not be judged or at least to be judged, positively. But to me, that is what social media is. One of the ways you can measure your ” success ” on social media, is whether or not your public enjoys your work and you can see that in the comments section or how many followers you have etc. But then there’s always this pressure, internally, to be true to yourself as well.

That’s why changing the concept and name of my blog was a huge risk … for me, because firstly, I wanted people to like it but also, because I wanted to be true to myself and my original idea. Hence, my new blog features what I love the most about writing. The fact that I get to be honest and Exclusive with my readers, all 25 of them!

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 3.13.10 PM

But also, because I get to be true to myself and still incorporate the element of ” My First Times ” being idea I first fell in love with.Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 3.11.26 PM

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