My First “Maybe True, Maybe Not” Label

priligy buy online canada Having just joined university, I’ve found that first impressions are very important, to yourself and to other people around you. And don’t you dare say you don’t judge people by how they appear, act and what they say, because I am guilty of doing that almost every second and I have to actually stop myself and say ” Evana just because that person does not smile at you, does not mean he/she is an asshole! ”

click My first label was, actually I had 2! But these are labels I have come up for myself because I’m not sure what other people are really thinking about me! So my first potential label was ” the anti-social one “. I live in my university accommodation so prior to me moving in, other students already moved in and ” made friends ” so when I showed up, me being the type of person who likes to seem introverted, I didn’t make that effort or when I did, I didn’t do a very good job at it. So when I saw people dressing up with their sluttiest outfit and their highest heels which by the way is totally okay and I wish I was doing that! but when I saw that, I was in my room going to sleep under my covers, as sad as that sounds!

source site My second label or “potential label” was ” the alcoholic ” which is a great label to have! This label was established when I DID meet some really great people and what I had and what I still have is the fresher’s fever! That’s when I was asking literally anyone I remotely knew, to go out! And very often people would say no because they had responsibilities…which I need to get used to also…And EVERY TIME they said no, I would think to myself ” OMG do they now think I’m an alcoholic who always wants to drink and go crazy! ” But now that I think of it, most fresher’s are like that! They want to go out and have fun and go crazy! Coming from a place where you have to be 21 to drink and party and what not, I am not used to this new found freedom, which doesn’t mean I’ll go crazy now that I can drink and what not but yeah I feel this rush of exhilaration.

Labels are really stupid and are not always true but what’s even more sad? It’s when you create those labels for yourself. On the other hand, first impressions are important so get them right. Having said that, don’t be a little perfect robot, have character and be outgoing and I need to practice that myself! Which is why I decided to start this blog. And it’ll feature all My First Times…I really would appreciate any support just how I will try to support you guys with all my experiences to hopefully help any of you if you had to be in the same situation…

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