My First Time Hitting A Low

Lyrica buy from uk People said it was the weather and others said it was because of the assignments but I think I was just home sick. It was weird, when I first moved to the UK, it was all new to me so that was my excuse. I thought ” It’s all good, I just need to make more friends “, however, when I was hit with this negative feeling this time, even the idea of my friends didn’t make me happy. To my good luck, my friend just randomly asked me to go for coffee  and I said “okay!”. I think when you are depressed or you’re just not feeling it that day or week like I was, don’t isolate yourself! Go out if people ask you and if not, plan something and go do something! Because staying in, is not going to do you any good.

So naturally I was going on my daily rant to my friend and she was politely listening and then she said ” Evana how can you say you hate this place, when you haven’t even gone and seen this place! ” Apparently the museums here or most of them are free here and I haven’t been to even one! Immediately she said ” Tomorrow, we are going to a museum! ” And I’m so grateful she took me out because the gloomy weather does get to you and because I its just uni and back home every single week, it does get depressing. So get out and treat yourself, I know I did with a fairly boozy Tiramisu and a green tea. Also, I find that dressing nice, gives you the confidence and I don’t know I just feel good when I dress nice so do it for yourself and you’ll see the amount of confidence and happiness that will simply possess you.

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This is the loudest coat I have ever bought and normally it wouldn’t be my style because of the amount of attention it would bring to me, but this time I didn’t care! I wore it with confidence and it is by far, the cutest coat I have ever bought. So yeah, wear the cutest thing you own, go out and have fun.

We didn’t end up going to the museum but we took a ride on a river bus and we sailed along the Big Ben and The London Eye. The weather wasn’t too cold but just the right temperature to feel a magical chill almost. Just before dinner, we had some hot chocolate with a special ingredient, if you want know that special thing that was mixed in the hot chocolate, click http://truecom.com/component/content/37-producten/home/48-contact/component/content/article/47-over-ons/oplossingen/contact/oplossingen/wlan/draadloos/draadloos/over-ons/over-ons here.


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For dinner, we went to this Mexican restaurant called Wahaca and the food wasn’t bad. My thoughts on the food I ordered? Click buy accutane online bodybuilding here.

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The best thing to do when you’re feeling low is to get out, do not stay in your room or in your house. Go out with your family or your friends and do something that excites you and makes you happy! Even if thats travelling by a different means of transport and eating a lot! Sadly, it is easier said than done but you have to push yourself to feel better!

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