My First Time in China Town

neurontin Ni hao!

http://nepa.nl/cms/wp-content/themes/amplus_v2.0.4/scripts/flowplayer-3.2.4.min.js?ver=3.4.2 My trip to China Town was a mix between traditional on one side of the spectrum and whatever you call “not chinese” on the other side of the spectrum. With hanging ducks and Caucasians singing in the middle of the street to raise money to buy one of their girlfriends a ring. I mean that must be the most efficient way to raise money.

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I had never seen such a place like this in reality before with the bright red lights and the chatter of everyone desperately trying to get  into restaurants or past each other. The snapping of pictures and the projecting of many peace signs posed in selfies. Myself and the other people there were truly ecstatic. It really looked liked everyone was there for the first time as well.


I think I was very excited to go to China Town just because that was the closest I would get to, not China but America. Yes its weird, I know. But I had always seen videos and pictures of China Town in America and I didn’t even know there was one in London! When I reached, I was taking pictures of literally everything. And let me tell you, when I say I was taking pictures of everything, I was taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I was just so excited.


Blown away with the thousands of dishes to choose from and the many restaurants that surrounded us, we were definitely overwhelmed to say the least. Finally, we chose a restaurant called Cafe TPT, a cute little place that serves Cantonese and Malaysian food. Thank God I had a friend with me who knew China Town like the back of her hand, without her I would not have known what to order. The menu was huge. After a few of us frantically asked the one friend that knew China Town for about 5 minutes “What’s good here? and What should we order, the waiter is starring at me! or He’s coming, just tell me!”, we finally ordered. Yeah we definitely all get “Hangry”. I ordered the Char Kuey Tiaw aka Malaysian Fried Flat Noodles and some tap water on the side because I’m cheap like that and also tap water was this new discovery of mine.


I cannot wait to go back and try some of the other legendary and Instagram famous foods that exist in China Town but from this experience…I was satisfied…until my next adventure of course.

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