Oxford St. Lights, Winter Wonderland & Seeing Snow For The First Time! 🎄✨

http://dreamingoutloud.nl/?p=4068 Christmas is by far my favourite holiday! I remember it was about a year ago, my dad said to me ” Let’s not bother with a christmas tree because we get one and then there’s no place to keep it, so we just throw it out anyways “. When he said that, I went crazy! I was like ” Do you not care about Jesus’s birthday! ” but then we got a tree that year and the situation was under control. Christmas is just about family and presents and FOOD! All the things I just happen to love! So seeing the Oxford Street lights for the first time…I wanted to cry. Carnaby Street is great to witness some Christmas magic as well.

source To see an immense amount of people that share the same enthusiasm for christmas as me, was kind of exhilarating! People were gathering around these giant screens an hour before it actually happened, I didn’t know how big of a thing this actually was!  Because coming from a country like the UAE, of course people celebrate Christmas there and you have the Christmas drinks at Starbucks, but we don’t really get Christmas markets and street stalls selling hot chocolate and lights on the street. So when I saw people constantly unlocking their phones just so their cameras were ready like 30 minutes before it actually happened! Then I knew…this was actually a thing.

Then there’s here Winter Wonderland. They transform the whole of Hyde Park into this lit up piece of fantastical open space with beaming lights and just the greatest vibe in the air. As soon you step foot into the park, you will be overwhelmed with the smell of food, the beats of the music and the bustling of people laughing and having a good time.

This was also the first time I saw snow! And yes, its as amazing as they say it is. However, and there is a big however! When the snow melts, it gets super slippery! That part is just not fun. I can’t tell you how many times I almost slipped. Luckily for me, I left for my winter break and came back to Dubai 2 days after it snowed.

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