Saying Sorry Is Hard 

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go here We hear all the bad stories on the news and I find myself repeatedly saying the phrase “People Suck” and we really do suck. Humans these days are capable of doing literally anything and everything! A change is really needed and fast.

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Nobody is perfect and if I want the world to change that bad, I should start with myself  right? I feel like everyone has a time in their life, where they’re something they don’t wish to be doing. That time for me? was in school. I remember very vividly making fun of people, tormenting people and just being overall stupid to people. My excuse and statement to them was “I’m just kidding!”. But was I really? Back in the day, I thought if I was friends with the cool crowd and if I made people laugh, that was considered cool and yes making jokes is alright but my jokes in specific were directed at people. The jokes were very personal and rather hurtful and looking back at it, they were obnoxious and just plain rude.

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Also, I fully believe in karma. Or at least life giving back to you, what you give to others. I didn’t get bullied but I did go through a time when I switched schools, when in which I was the one under the spotlight and even worse…when I was the one completely ignored. I remember thinking “the way I feel right now, I hope no one ever feels the same way” and then another spring of realization creeped up on me. I perhaps made some people feel the same way when I was the one making jokes. That was the awakening of my “be nice to everyone” self.


And then an opportunity presented itself, a mission if you will. I contacted everyone that my conscience didn’t allow me to forget and simply said…sorry. “Sorry” being just one of the words in the midst of a big paragraph or many little paragraphs to each and every one of them. It was the best thing I could’ve done because every one of them accepted my apology.

A clean slate is always really nice as you can then put all that bullshit in the past and start clean and who knows, you might even become best friends with them? People are evil in this world but there are a few angels as cliche as that sounds. You never know who is going to forgive you and be there for you till the very end.

People might just surprise you.



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