The Worst Trip I’ve Been On

I’d even wear makeup to the grocery store

Being a very dramatic person, my journey on Curacne just made me 10 times more dramatic. And lucky for you, I’ll start you off from the very beginning 🙈.

Note; The entries below were jotted down at the end of each month. And as I write this now, I’m having to highlight and press delete on all the unnecessary feelings from my countless words. I’ve tried to edit this piece as little as possible as the feelings below were very much real at the time.


go Month 1:

as I write this very rough draft of “month 1”, I am crying my eyes out. I was told my moods could be altered and even depression could be potential side effects of curacne, however, like any normal teenager, I thought it was inevitable to be having mood swings. I thought that until today. as I write this, I am conflicted between two sides: parents and friends. situations like this, I could easily overcome in the past but today its just the opposite. In the past, situations like this would not have resulted in a panic attack, but today, it did. it wasn’t until today that I even knew my panic attacks could be caused by something other than school. Also, my face and lips are starting to get dry which is just not fun.



click Month 2:

Yeah that past month was hard. the second month wasn’t as hard partly because I cut out people and social media from my life…also, I went on holiday💃🏻. Although the elimination of drama from my life, I was still feeling this pressure upon me. A constant need to curl up in a little ball. Everything made me tear up: music, stories people told me, movies and even scenery. It was like I was constantly PMSing. As I embark on my third month, I can’t help but think, all these changes in my life I’m making, is there really a need? Or is it just because I’ve become too sensitive? The third month will tell. And my face? its clearing up! However, it’s gotten a lot dryer. I can’t put anything on! Even concealer on my eyelid, stings.

Click here to read more about my social detox whilst I was on holiday!🌴💃🏻

buy Pregabalin cheap Month 3:

I’m writing these updates as each month goes by so you can really read about my experience as I’m experiencing it. That being said,  I guess you won’t truly understand it unless you go through something like this yourself.

Just like the first two months, month 3 is hard but only…harder. Everything just seems magnified. The only thing that’s keeping me sane right now is reminding myself that it will all be over soon. So I have nothing else to say other than my lips are still dry all the time, my face is starting to become very sore now and the skin on my ears have started to peel as well 🙂 But my face has cleared up tons which makes me super happy. It means that the medication actually is working.

Chocolate Milkshake: probably no the best thing to drink for my acne but…it was just so good!

Month 4:

When I said last month that maybe “you won’t truly understand it unless you go through something like this yourself”, I mean it. looking back at the past months, it sounds so dramatic, all true but super dramatic! So much so, I don’t even know if i’m going to publish this after its done. But on a more positive note, my face has cleared up so much, so all the dryness and soreness is for something after all!

Annoyingly, new side effect identified…my ankle swelled up last week. However, with a little exercise that shouldn’t happen again, apparently 👌🏼 Also, Evana thought it would be a great idea to wax her upper lip…herself. At home. With these shady strips from the store. Minutes after feeling “Aw SO smooth”, I finally got the big lips I’ve always wanted. Except, they weren’t the luscious plump lips I’ve always wanted. They just looked…weird.

Month 5:

Im officially done 💃🏻 This was the last and final month and can I just say…it was the easiest month! My emotions are much more stable, my face has cleared up to the point where I just have some scars left. My lips are still dry and I have to moisturize daily but it’s totally worth it looking at the results.

Products and Tips that helped me along the way💕

  1. Moisturize Daily: I’d use and still use (even now after my medication) the QV Face Moisturising Day Cream and I found Vaseline to be the best for my lips and EOS did the job as well!

  1. Note to Self: Don’t wax your upper lip at home when your face is already so dry and sore. And with shady strips from the store?! I asked for it didn’t I?
  2. Daily Reminders: Even if you aren’t experiencing mood swings, just remind yourself you are on the medication and that now you might be a little more sensitive than you usually are

Overall, curacne was a hard journey to be on, however, it did wonders for me. For someone that suffered from insane acne since becoming a teenager till about I was about 19! It just sucked. Since the medication, my confidence has risen for sure. Yeah beauty is self defined, however, I’d even wear makeup to the grocery store. That’s just how I felt the most comfortable with myself

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