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Through the years, we’ve done several experiments with unusual vape flavours. Very often we’ve done this for a bit of fun, but sometimes the final results have surprised us. A good few years ago, for example, we went to E Cig with a small range of very unusual flavours. One of these was barbecue sauce flavour. As you’d expect, a lot of people absolutely hated it. But one elderly man told us it was the first thing he’d tasted since having a stroke.

The identical occurred with a Voop Juice range we created for April Fool’s day. These juices were deliberately designed to taste awful, and i also found the Cheese and Onion flavour disgusting. However some people actually liked it. The thing is, there’s 1000s of flavours on the market now. Some are unusual, and interest a little audience, but the advantage of this really is that, whatever your taste preference is, there’ll be something on the market that you’ll love. And that’s important, as the more you like vaping, and the further you depart from tobacco flavours, the not as likely you might be to return to smoking.

Considering the fact that there’s a ridiculous number of vaping studies being published nowadays, there’s not a huge amount of research on the need for flavours in: There is certainly some, though. A survey of over 4000 vapers, lead by Konstantinos Farsalinos in 2013, learned that 48.5% of vapers felt that restricting flavours would increase cravings for cigarettes, while 39.7% felt that fewer flavours makes it less likely so they can quit smoking.

Since that time, non-tobacco flavours are becoming more valuable in initiation. In Konstantinos’ original survey, nearly all vapers started vaping with tobacco flavours, but a more recent survey which checked out the flavors preferences well over 70,000 vapers found that non-tobacco flavours (in the united states) were the predominant choice when starting vaping. The research figured that banning flavours could lead to a decrease in people starting vaping and a rise in people switching back from vaping to smoking.

This can be supported by research by Russell et al, which found that menthol and tobacco flavours now rank in 5th and 6th place amongst adult vapers. In a press conference organised by the New Nicotine Alliance, Russell talked further about the results, saying:

“Evidence from your own research suggests that a significantly higher proportion of smokers who prefer to vape non-tobacco flavors continue to completely quit smoking cigarettes within 3 months.”

Quite simply, non-tobacco flavours lead to a higher effectiveness when switching completely from smoking to vaping. It has been supported with a more modern study by Buckell et al (published since this post was first written). Utilizing a discrete choice try out other 2000 adult vapers, the authors found a flavour ban on e-cigarettes would lead to a rise in smoking rates.

Another smaller study by Pacek et al surveyed 240 teenagers who dual use (both vape and smoke). Inside their survey, 17% of young vapers said they would smoke more if flavours were confined to tobacco and menthol.

The concept that specific flavours could be important is backed up by industry research by JUUL, which learned that vapers who used Mint or Menthol were 23% more likely to change to vaping than those who used tobacco flavours.

Could flavours assist dual vapers? Not everybody switches to vaping immediately. All things considered, the initial puff on an smokeless cigarette doesn’t mean your last puff over a tobacco cigarette. Studies have shown that 46% of dual vapers have jtsedy switched to electronic cigarettes after a year, but for others it may take a lot longer.

My experience is the fact flavours may help dual vapers retain interest. I’ve seen those who continue to smoke several cigarettes each day experiment a lot with different flavours. If flavours will help retain interest, then dual vapers will smoke less, hopefully not return to 100% smoking and eventually switch to 100% vaping. Perhaps, for a few, it’s just a matter of finding that perfect e-liquid (with a large number of flavours available, that can take a bit of time).

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